Targeted Weight Loss

Even with exercise and diet, a vast majority of the population have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose.

Even skinny people want to spot reduce some areas of their body. Vevazz™ Contouring can treat small and large problematic areas and help patients achieve their desired shape. Benefits of Vevazz™ Targeted Weight Loss include:

• No Surgery
• No Downtime
• No Pain
• No Drugs

• No Fad Diet
• No Side Effects
• Effective
• Safe

Vevazz™ treatment is with light only, a natural no cutting non-invasive procedure, which uses the same process that a healthy lifestyle would cause to happen to the fat cells to shrink. Vevazz™ is safer than Laser treatments that kill fat cells and are abrasive.

Vevazz™ (Before & Afters)

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